Why Poker?

If you have never heard about online poker, then you must be wondering...

"What's the big deal?"

If I was to tell you...

There is an online sport out there which is purely based on skill...

That over 100 million people are interested in...

These people gather online and play this game with real money...

The guys who play it skillfully make so much money that they literally never have to work again...

It is possible to join this world instantly and play with these people...

You would be interested, right?

Well, that sport is online poker. 

You see what makes poker truly amazing is that it is more than just an addictive strategic game, it is an art.

In poker you don't just play the cards, you actually play against another person. Once you learn the game, you can come up with many clever ways to outsmart your opponents. The fact that you can make so much money defeating a player, just adds to its appeal. 

As a poker virgin, you probably have the same questions in your mind that many other beginners have before they start their poker careers...

To make your life easy, I will cover some of the MOST popular poker topics below:

  Poker is NOT a Game of Luck


Once you learn how to play poker like a pro, you won't believe how many easy players are out there who have zero poker skill simply because they think poker is a game of luck.

This is actually also one of the reasons why winning money in poker is so easy. With so many players playing poker for fun, or simply so many players just having no clue how to play the game strategically, it makes easy picking for sharks who know what they are doing.

You might be wondering at this stage, "but why is poker not a game of luck?"

The first obvious reason is that if poker was a game of luck, then all the professional players out there wouldn't exist.

Think of it this way, it would be impossible for me to have quit my job and turn poker into a full time career if it was a game of chance, such as roulette. If that was the case, then today I probably would have had "zero" in my bank account. Instead, I played poker, a game based on skill, and made millions in my bank account.

This alone answers why poker can not be a game of luck. You see In poker, as long as you play X amount of hands, over a period of time every player is dealt an equal amount of good and bad cards.

The reason pro's like myself can turn poker into such a lucrative career is because we use strategies to minimise our losses when being dealt bad cards, and maximise the amount of money we make when being dealt good cards. By doing this, in the long run we continually earn the kind of money most people can't imagine.

  There's NO POINT in Online Poker Rooms Cheating

To understand this better, all you have to do is keep in mind how poker rooms make their money in the first place.

Poker rooms have no interest in who wins a game, as they only make money by charging a certain percentage of rake (between 1-5 %) from the winning pot. So if for example the winning pot is $1, the winner takes 95 cents, and the poker room will take 5 cents. If you consider the fact that a player can easily play around 6,000 hands a week, you begin to understand how lucrative this 1-5% rake charge is for the poker room.

As for tournament games, there is typically an entrance fee, usually 10% of the buy in. For example, if a tournament costs $10 + $1, this means each player is putting up $11, $10 will go into the prize pool which gets divided amongst the winners, and $1 goes to the house/website. 

Since the above two methods make poker rooms more than enough money, they would never take any risks that may damage their reputation which attracts poker players to their tables every single day.

  You DON'T need Maths to Master Poker

If anyone has ever told you that you need Maths in order to become a poker professional, then chances are they did not know much about poker.

In fact, you can learn some of my most sophisticated techniques with only very basic knowledge of Maths.

Just remember that poker is a strategy game, it requires you to carefully think about what move is optimal in any given situation. Once you have gone through all the training material provided on cashinpoker.com, you will quickly start to understand the different winning steps you can take to defeat your opponents.

  Poker will continue to GROW and become even more lucrative

Just when everyone thought poker couldn't possibly get even more popular, the United States (US) finally recognised poker as a sport and not a game of chance. This can potentially take poker to new heights, as previously it was illegal for players in the US to play online poker.

Although we expect a wave of US States to slowly start regulating online poker and offering licences to reputable poker rooms, Nevada has already started assessing licence applications and is set to formally have a poker room operating in its borders by the end of 2012.

Other US states, such as California, New Jersey, Iowa and Florida have already introduced online poker bills that would allow them to offer online poker to their players.

If that is not enough, poker has exploded in social media sites and in top gaming sites. All this indicates that not only is the popularity of poker growing by the second, but large corporations around the world are thinking of ways to offer poker so that they attract the greatest number of players. 

Whether you are a European player already enjoying the luxury of playing poker from the comfort of your own home, or a player in the US eagerly waiting for your turn at the online poker table, let it be said that poker is here to stay.

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