Texas Hold em - The Key to Pre-Flop Play

Texas Hold em players should note that after you read this article, you will become more poker savvy. This simply means you will start to understand some simple steps to improve your texas hold em strategy and minimise your losses during Preflop play.

Image of texas hold em poker game - poker player holding cards and placing chips.

The Blinds

Texas Hold em poker lovers should know from positional stats in Poker Tracker that you end up losing cash in the blinds. The actual sum is certainly greater than anyone would like. This is often the destiny which most Texas Hold em game players have in common, as it is incredibly tough to earn cash acting out of position. It’s challenging to obtain value from your strong hands, in addition, your range is further faced-up. If that is not enough, you also end up showing your poker opponent more information concerning the strength of your hand than you might have otherwise.

If for example the choice to fold or call pre-flop is close, folding is advised since a minor error can result in a greater one post-flop. In the event that you are playing a Texas Hold em poker game out of position, your aim should be to keep the pots as small as possible.

Remember, whether you are playing in popular poker rooms, such as Party Poker, or whether you are playing texas hold em games elsewhere, you should always be extremely conservative employing your raises from the blinds. You should never raise except when you have a strong hand, such as 99, ATs, AQo, or KQs.

You also have to keep in mind that each time you raise from the blinds after a few limpers, poker players will link you to premium hands (AQ+, TT+). Therefore, on a flop you will not be able to get much worth from less strong hands. Other Texas Hold em online players will be aware of your range and therefore they will have the chance to decide if they want to carry on or not after you take action.

If you end up getting raised at this stage, then be careful against standard TAGs and particularly NITs. Except if you have history, if your c-bet gets raised, the strategy is to fold one pair in this situation. Not one person will go further than necessary to push you to fold AQ /AK on an AT3 flop.

If you keep learning texas hold em tips from this article, you will also improve your chances of winning in big tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker.

3-betting Coming From The Blinds

Versus the UTG raise, the bulk of your 3-bets ought to be for value. Apart from if I am aware that UTG is actually a fish, I hardly ever 3-bet in this kind of scenario since my perceived range is so strong.

It is worth pointing out that if my texas hold em opponent assumes my range is strong, then it would be wise to 3-bet with marginal holdings to influence him to fold is strong hands. Although the motive here is logical, I will get called pre-flop regularly since Villain has position on me. If my poker rival happens to be a forceful strong player, it is fair to assume that playing post flop is going to be challenging.

So remember the key message I am delivering here, when playing Texas Hold em poker you should always aim to put yourself in a position where you are making straightforward decisions that won’t hurt your bank account. The quicker you learn how to play poker and the key steps you need to take to minimise potential losses from different situations, the quicker you will start to get an edge over your poker opponents.

Finally, always remember that unlike other card games, poker is a game of skill where you are actually playing against another person. So, it is very important that you learn how to play texas hold em the winning way.

If you enjoyed reading this article and are keen to expand your knowledge of Poker, then carry on reading the other articles on our website so that you can become a well rounded Texas Hold em Poker professional earning the kind of money that most people would admire.
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