Sky Poker Review - GREAT Sign Up BONUS

Sky poker logo. Site preview image.

Brand popularity attracts the majority

Sky Poker is owned by Sky Broadcasting, a name every guy at home is familiar with. What does this mean for you? Well, Sky Poker is one of the rooms that seems to attract the greatest amount of poker beginners.

If you have learnt how to play poker skillfully, this can make playing in Sky Poker very, very lucrative.

Furthermore, many beginners are drawn to the idea of having the chance to see their hands highlighted and replayed on Sky Poker TV across the UK. This also attracts regular casino gamblers who have no poker skill and are just looking to burn money away at the tables.

If that is not enough, then you will be happy to know that not only has Sky Poker started its own live tournament series (the SPT), but they have also made it possible to watch live tournaments and cash games on the Sky Poker network channel (885).

Tournament games with a twist

As humans, we seem to be attracted by anything that stands out. This may be why so many beginners and just regular casino loving gamblers, who have very little skill, love the idea of playing in tournaments that are aired live on Sky TV.

Sky Poker is part of Sky Broadcasting, so this helps to draw in a large number of regular people to the poker tables. If you are just starting out in poker, then Sky Poker tournaments are a great and easy way to potentially win large sums of money.

There are various attractive tournaments running on Sky Poker that cater to different types of players. There are tournaments that have buy-ins from £10-£20, and then you also have the weekly £12,000 and daily £5,500 tournaments which are aired live on Sky TV.

Sky Poker now also offers newly timed tournaments. They run just like a regular multi-table tournament, however, there is a set time limit of either 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. Once this time limit expires, the prize money is shared based on the amount of chips each player is left with.

Eye catching software features

If you are spending hours in front of a poker table, you really come to appreciate the clean and sharp graphics of Sky Poker.

As for the software performance, the web client is good on the eye, practical and secure. Recently, they have also introduced a download client which has received a big thumbs up from the poker community.

Also, if you are looking to multiply your winnings per poker session, then you will be happy to hear that multi-table play runs very efficiently on the web client.

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