Unleash The Right Poker Strategy

In this article we are going to look at how to Unleash the Right Poker Strategy, Texas Hold’em is a game that’s very easy to learn, but in order to take your game to the next level, it is important to understand and work on various elements of your game to improve one aspect at a time. Before we Unleash the right Poker strategy, we need to decide on a few things, the most important element is which Texas Hold’em game are we most comfortable with and going to start improving first. The basic 3 options are Cash Games, MTT (Multi table tournaments) and Sit and Go’s. Let’s look at each one in more detail:

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Cash Games

My advice to anyone starting to play Texas Hold’em would be to start playing cash games, most Poker sites cater for any bankroll and buy in’s start from as little as $1, so it’s a very cheap way to learn the game and work on The Right Online Poker Strategy. Also, there are many advantages to playing cash games, you have the freedom to play for as long as you want, or as little as you want, and variance tends to play a smaller part in cash games. Once you have mastered the game at a particular level, it is very easy to move up levels and adapt to different strategies, the higher you get, the more important strategy becomes and you will find yourself playing against the same players time and time again, so you’ll be able to learn their game and adapt to play against them whilst taking many notes on each player. There are 2 types of Cash Games: 6 Max and Full ring, I personally prefer 6 Max as there is more action, however, please note 6 max games need careful consideration as 6 max games require a more advanced poker strategy, 6 max games tend to be more aggressive whilst full ring games tend to play more straightforward.


MTT’s is what you may have seen on TV and this could be the form of Texas Hold’em that’s originally got you interested in the game in the first place. Every Poker player knows the story about Chris Moneymaker, Chris went on to win the 2003 WSOP main event from a $39 online satellite buy in pocketing $2.5m. MTT’s are a great way to turn a small buy in into a pot of gold. However, there is a lot more luck required at MTT’s, you will find yourself in more all in situations and in order to become the winner and pocket the big money, your hands have to stand up most of the time, luck has to be on your side. Although luck plays a bigger factor than say Cash games, MTT’s do offer great value and if you have the time to play MTT’s, then MTT strategy plays a very important role. In order to be a successful MTT player, you will need to have heaps of discipline by which I mean patience, it is no good to try and force the action in MTT’s, especially if they are 10 seats per table and you are out of position, for example, so if you are a player that likes to see lots of action from their sessions then MTT’s may not be for you. I’d recommend MTT’s in addition to Cash Games.

Sit And Go’s

Sit and go tournaments is where I really started, I saw SnG’s as a good way to build a bankroll, even though variance plays a bigger part in SnG’s, I think this is a great way to start bankroll building as long as you have the right texas holdem poker strategy. One thing to note with SnG’s in recent times is that it seems to be in decline as Cash Games and MTT’s appear to be getting more popular. SnG’s are getting somewhat overlooked and you tend to find you will be playing against regulars a lot of the time, making it harder for your win rate and ROI. Like the two forms of Texas Hold’em we have previously spoken about, sit and go Strategy is more about the volume of hands/SnG’s played, most SnG players develop the Multi tabling skill very early on in order to boost their ROI. We have also seen the rise of the new hyper turbo SnG’s, however, as these are hyper turbo poker strategy plays a lesser role as you may start with as little as 10 big blinds, so it’s a case of all in or fold, I’d suggest avoiding this type of format as its more on the side of gambling.

Unleash The Right Poker Strategy: It is very important that you choose the correct format in which you feel is most suited to your game as all 3 of the above formats have subtle differences in game play resulting in very different strategies. Different poker hands are played slightly different with each variation of Texas Hold’em, so for more Poker tips and strategies, keep reading the forthcoming articles and good Luck at the tables.
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By David C (Rob Akery Student)