Poker Rules To Help Boost Your Bankroll

In this article we are going to look at the one of the biggest talked about topics in Poker, especially for beginners just starting their hold’em journeys. We will start by looking at Poker rules for bankroll management and how not to go broke and then we will look at effective ways in which you can boost your bankrolls.

Play Within Your Limits

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It is so easy to get carried away at the tables whether it be in a Casino or on the virtual felt, you might be having a good day and think it’s a good idea to capitalise on your good luck and decide to play at a level you’re not used to playing but more importantly your bankroll can’t support! This is a bad idea as due to variance it won’t take too many beats for your bankroll to diminish, a poker rule to boost your bankroll is to keep playing within your limits until your bankroll can support playing at a higher level. 50 Buy in’s is about the recommended amount for your bankroll to support variance at the tables, this poker rule is especially good for beginners.

Don’t Get Easily Distracted

Think about what’s happening around you when you are concentrating on playing poker? Do you have the TV on in the background? Do you have your mobile next to you? Are you surfing the web? Are you playing Poker with people around you? Each one of these points are a bad idea, Poker is a card game that requires your full attention, you must be totally focused on the action at the table in order to maximise your profits and keep up the win rate. A good online poker rule is to keep the distractions to a minimum, turn off the TV and put your phone out of sight.

Don’t Play With Tilt

As we have talked about in the past, playing with Tilt is the single biggest bankroll killer. You should introduce a Tilt kill switch button that enables you to walk away when you start experiencing the first signs of Tilt. Tilt comes in various forms but the most common is being on the receiving end of a bad beat. A good poker rule that will save you lots of money in the long run would be to switch the PC off or leave the Casino the first signs of tilt, you might not want to adopt this strategy as you may have the overwhelming urge to try and get your money back, but believe me this tip will save you a lot of money in the long run. There’s always tomorrow.

Always Try To Play Your Best Poker

Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated when you go down limits or you are playing a satellite for a bigger Tournament, whatever the case you must try and always play to the best of your ability. By not playing your A game you are only going to cost yourself money and over the long run this will build up. A good poker rule is, if you feel you aren’t playing you’re A game then have a break or stop playing altogether, at the end of the day, it is real money you are playing for and it’s important to maximise your bankroll and not to reduce it due to lack of motivation.

Don’t Keep Looking At Your Balance

Whether you are having a winning day or a losing day, looking at your balance on a regular basis is a bad idea. First of all, this will distract you away from the tables, and secondly, it will affect your game. If you are losing, you will get incredibly disheartened by your bankroll going down, and if you are winning, you may start playing passively trying to hold on to your winning. A good rule to follow would be to look at your balance once before you start and when you finish your session.

Whether you are new to poker or you have been playing for a while, below I have included some poker tips and poker rules for which you can apply to build your bankroll.


Rakeback is very important especially if you are applying lots of hands or tournaments etc., it may seem a small token gesture but this can build up fast if you are playing a lot. Find a site that offer’s good rakeback deals, I know some of the larger sites offer upto 40% rakeback, this is a great way to build your bankroll as overtime the rakeback will become a sufficient amount to help your bankroll. A good poker tip is to only cash in your rakeback when you absolutely need it, the more rakeback collected, the better the return percentage.

Play Freeroll’s

Not only are Freerolls great for tournament experience, they are also great for boosting the bankroll, these tournament’s tend to be very soft as people playing them don’t really give them their full attention because they are free and it doesn’t matter if they lose as they haven’t invested any of their bankroll. They are a great opportunity to help you build your bankroll, as if you play them seriously, you can start building your bankroll at no cost. You will find freeroll’s on most poker sites, keep an eye out for freeroll’s, such as first depositors freeroll’s, as these tend to have a larger guaranteed prize pool.

Satellite into Bigger Tournament’s

Most cash tournaments offer a seat at a reduced rate through satellite tournaments, these might be in the form of a SnG or it could be a straight forward MTT, where the more players that register the more seats on offer. This is a great way to protect your bankroll and have the chance of making some serious cash to boost your bankroll, even if you only just make it into the money, you will normally see 2x the investment of the tournament buy in and if you have played a small satellite to get into the tournament, then 2x the buy will be significantly more than the satellite buy in cost.

Double or Nothing SnG’s

These types of Sng’s have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, these games give you the chance to double your initial investment, you can play a lot of these in a short space of time. By playing very tight, it is possible to boost your bankroll very quickly.

Sit Down With 50bb’s At Ring Games

This poker rule is also about protecting your bankroll whilst at the same time building it. When you sit down at a cash ring game, then only bring 50bb’s to the table, once you have reached 75bb’s, then leave the table and find another to sit down at. This tip will keep you out of trouble when it comes to reacting to very difficult decisions, such as facing all in bets, if you only have 50bb’s at the table at any one time, then the damage from a bad beat will be significantly reduced, whilst when you have reached 25bb’s profit and left the table, you will see your bankroll building steadily.

Above, I have tried to give as much advise as possible in order to build and protect your bankroll’s, I’m confident that the above poker rules will help you on your way to becoming a well-disciplined player with a healthy bankroll. Poker is after all a simple game to learn but a very difficult game to master, by having a sufficient bankroll and a bankroll that you pay careful attention to and respect, this much loved card game will become much easier. Good luck at the tables.
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By David C (Rob Akery Student)