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A lot of guys who have come across have asked the question, 'Why am I giving you access to this potentially life changing poker training content for free?'

To answer this question properly, you will have to understand that once you earn above a certain threshold, say $1,000,000, you will look for effective ways to use this capital and make even more money. Yes, you can invest money in property, yes you can invest in the stock market, and so on, but there is another very lucrative way which ensures a win – win situation for poker players, and that is creating a trusted poker circle. Through a trusted poker circle, you are able to invest in a team member's poker game and get a share of his or her prize money.

It was through this practice that the Elite Rob Akery team was established. This has allowed all the Elite Rob Akery team members to gain some returns from all the big poker games running around the world.

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