Poker Hands – Low to Mid Limit Leaks

It is those who know how to play different poker hands correctly that make big money in poker games. Having said that, being aware of what a particular poker hand can do for you is not enough to help you make it to the top of the texas hold em poker ladder. In this article, you will learn some key concepts that prevent poker players from winning money at the poker table.

An image of different poker hands in Texas Hold'em.

Let me start by mentioning that certain topics you might come across have actually been created by others to confuse beginners. For example, pot control is an idea high stakes players have come up with, so that they can easily defeat weaker opponents in different poker rooms.

Here is a poker strategy for you to keep in mind: if you find yourself in a situation where you are in a hand and you want to check back the turn with top pair, medium kicker or an overpair, you should bet.

When it comes to poker hands, strong players have a tendency to call a significant amount of flops, as they want to bluff on later betting rounds. Their hand ranges on the flop do not really get better on the turn, as they typically have about five outs if they have a pair plus a kicker and two outs if they have a pocket pair.

So, as you can see, knowing how to play different poker hands comes from developing a deeper understanding of what you are likely to get during the different stages in a poker game.

If your texas hold em opponent has an open-ended straight draw or a flush draw, they have eight or nine outs. If you think about this for a second, you should realise that this is not actually a large amount of outs. The best outcome would be that they make a flush on the turn (9 out of 47 times). Therefore, for the remainder 38 times, they will not make it and fold. So, it is advisable that you bet.

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Since the aim of this article is to give you some winning poker tips, then you should know that betting the turn also helps to make you a more difficult poker opponent. This is due to the fact that other texas hold em players will realise that they cannot get cheap showdowns and are therefore more likely to fold on the flop or the turn.

Also, betting the turn helps to ensure that your opponents take your bluff more seriously.

Poker players in low to medium stakes have a tendency not to check raise the turn very much. If your poker opponent calls your turn bet, you get a free showdown when they typically check the river out of position.

As you can see, you can influence whether you have the winning poker hands by knowing when you should and shouldn't bet. For example, by betting on the turn, you influence your poker opponent to fold better hands and therefore allowing you to benefit from worse hands.

You must, however, always keep in mind the type of player you are facing, as it is natural that not all players think alike. For example, if the player you are facing usually bluffs the river if you check back the turn, then it makes sense to check the turn behind. On the other hand, most poker players who check back the turn actually intend to play a small pot without the best possible hands. Poker players hope that their opponent checks the river, so that they can make an apparent river value-bet that doesn't frequently get called.

The above explanations should help you to see some of the different factors you need to consider when thinking about what moves you should take with different texas holdem poker hands.

Other typical actions of low to mid stake players include checking behind on the turn after betting the flop with an open-ended straight or flush draw since their hope is to see a free card.

So, in essence, this is like saying that you will lose 38 out of 47 times, as this is the number of times that you miss your draw.

So, when it comes to playing different poker hands optimally, the lesson is don't just play the cards, but also play the player. It is only when you start reading your opponent correctly do you have the best chance of winning big.

Poker players at the high stakes level have a tendency to bet on the turn, so that they have the right odds to call should they get check-raised all-in. Such action raises your fold equity as this is how you would play your best possible hands.

Unlike card games like blackjack, in poker luck does not play a major factor. This is why poker has produced many young millionaires who know how to defeat opponents using skill.

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