8 Tips from BIG Winning Poker Games

In this article we are going to look at the Cashinpoker.com real money video’s Rob had kindly recorded and included within the online training material, we are going to look at 3 video’s, there are 2 high stakes videos with both advanced strategies and beginner concepts, and 1 video which is centred around beginner strategies only. It is key to note that whilst 2 of the videos are high stakes, the key foundation lessons in the early part of the online training are still well applied at these levels and very helpful towards our training. In all 3 of these poker games, key strategies are consistently applied, let’s go through some of the tips from the 3 poker games individually:

Image of professional poker player winning big in high stakes poker game.

We will start off with Video number ‘Playing at Small Stakes’: This video has been produced to give us an understanding of how to apply beginner concepts at low levels to build up our win rate slowly but profitably.

Tip 1. In this poker game Vaga_Lion sits down with 50 big blinds, sitting down with 50 bb’s allows you to avoid difficult all in decisions, as you will only have 50 bb’s it is much easier to make these decisions without risking too much money at this stage of our training. It may be a good idea to practise new techniques and concepts at free online poker games, such as freeroll’s, play money or very low stakes, before applying them to your day to day online poker games.

Tip 2. Patience, as mentioned before patience is very important at the poker table. In this video Vaga_Lion shows the importance of patience in detail, although it can be boring sat waiting for the right cards in the correct position, this discipline is very important to our long term success, playing out of position with weak cards is only going to cost us money.

Tip 3. Bet sizing and correct betting patterns. This video illustrates basic betting sizes and betting positions, although this training video is aimed at beginner strategies, you will see the betting sizing’s and patterns performed in the advanced and high stakes videos also, these examples are consistent through all 3 videos and very important concepts to understand as we will be using this information through most of our training. Another tip to note is that online poker games will come with pre-set betting functions, such as ½ pot, ¾ pot and pot, these are here to help us with the betting calculations and simplified for speed, you also have the opportunity to change these amounts within your settings if you want them to be slightly bigger or slightly smaller.

Tip 4. Playing small pair’s. I believe this information around playing small pairs in one of the most important pieces of advice to take on board. How tempting is it to raise with small pairs in early position? Although you’re paired hand may look tempting, it is important to understand when and how to play this hand. There is actually another video on cashinpoker.com that explains in great detail how best to approach these situations, the key message: in order to carry on within a hand with a small pair, you must have 15x the bet in position and 30x the bet out of position to make this a profitable play as you will only make a set 1 out of 11 times.

Tip 5. Multi player pots: If you miss the flop or flop a low to medium strength hand when there is more than 1 other player in the action, we need to proceed with extreme caution, in any poker game where there is more than 1 other player in the hand, the chances of winning the pot with a low to medium strength is far less likely as the chances are someone will have the better hand, when faced with such situations, it is a better idea to check down or to fold to any bet, you may get the urge to bluff in these situations as there will be more money in the pot, but this is not a profitable play.

Okay so we have covered the low stakes training video in detail and took out some important information, now let’s look at the 2 other training video’s available in weeks 1 and 3. ‘How to win $15000 in under 30 minutes’ and ‘How to win $10000 in under 20 minutes’. A lot of the concepts Vaga_lion applied in the Playing at small stakes video still apply within this video also, however we can look at different concepts Vaga_lion applied that aren’t present within the small stakes hold’em poker game.

Tip 6. Table Image: Table image is hugely important as this will let other players at the table THINK you play a certain style, however portraying a certain type of image can be very advantageous when it comes to situations in which you may want to bluff or play a huge pot. Playing a tight image has advantages when it comes to playing a bluff as players will think you will have a strong hand, or if you have been caught bluffing, it is more possible to get paid off when you hit a big hand as players will have the previous bluff concreted in their minds.

Tip 7. Table Dynamic’s: It is very important to stay aware of players situations and stack sizes, in these 2 videos Vaga_lion makes sure he stays away from players directly to his left with short stack sizes unless he has a very good hand, if a player has less than 25 big blinds, be very careful, especially so if it is a multi-way pot as their hand range will widen and it will be an easy decision for the player with less than 25bb’s to move all in. Don’t play medium strength hands in this situations as you will have to make a difficult decision if the player does move all in. The only time to play in this situation is when you are in a blind v blind situation and you have a medium to fairly strong hand and it has been folded around to you, the best action would be to move all in against the short stack, in order for the short stack to call he would need at least 50% equity in his hand to call. For more information on poker odds, please visit Cashinpoker Odds Calculator.

Tip 8. Mental State: Have you ever been in the situation where every time you raise you get a 3 bet from the same player time after time? Have you ever thrown in a crazy 4 bet only to lose to a better hand out of frustration? I have on more than 1 occasion. If the players at your table are paying close attention, they will see this happen from time to time and may try to take advantage of the situation, it’s important to swallow your pride and fold when you think you are beaten, but Vaga_lion does a perfect job of illustrating how you can use this previous play to your advantage. By having the discipline to fold to raises and 3 bets, players may think you think you are calling/raising out of frustration and pay you off when you have the best hand. Online poker games are a great way of hiding emotion if you have the discipline, use this to your advantage.

The training we have spoken about above offer a great insight into a professional players thinking and strategy, you will see clear differences between the low stakes poker game and the high stakes poker games, but the foundation and beginner concepts that are taught in the first few weeks are apparent throughout all 3 training videos. It’s important to have the discipline and stay within the parameters outlined in the early weeks of training. Good luck at the tables.
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By David C (Rob Akery Student)