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testimonial snapshot of John

JOHN was a regular tournament poker player who never made it up to the lucrative stakes. Keen to live the good life, he decided to join our 3 Month Poker Mastery Membership and suddenly his world changed. He now earns enough money playing poker to live a lifestyle where he no longer needs to get up early for work in the morning.



testimonial snapshot of Andreas

ANDREAS decided to learn Rob Akery's poker techniques after he realised the job he was in was never going to make him enough money to afford the house he always wanted. Determined, he moved up the ranks and not only did he buy his dream house, but he also turned into a successful professional poker player.



testimonial snapshot of Pete

PETE started online poker just for fun...

That all changed after he visited cashinpoker. Now he makes the kind of money most guys his age would 'envy'. He has developed a passion for playing in the most exclusive poker tournaments in places like Vegas, Monaco and the South of France.



testimonial snapshot of Fran

FRAN is a tennis coach who decided to use poker as a quick and easy way of making extra money from home. He went through our 3 Month Poker Mastery Membership and instantly started winning both tournaments and live cash games. Now he can afford to take it easy and do the things he loves best, go Fran!



What can i say, this is simply the best poker training website out there. I haven't made enough money to quit my job, but everyday i learn something new, i keep earning more money. Don't know what else to say, try it yourself and then you will get what i am saying.
Ezra, London
I never had an interest in poker because I always thought it was just a game of luck. After seeing Rob make more cash in 20 minutes than I make working for a year (and I mean that literally), I decided I have nothing to lose. I started defeating easy to medium players straight away. Since I was making all this money on the side, I had no choice but to share this with my family. Can not say they get it, but that is not the point - my life has changed, so a big THANK YOU mate!
Josh, Leeds

I started playing poker during university and didn't win much. Then, luckily for me, I met Mr Vaga_Lion and had some lessons. To say my game improved after cashinpoker is putting it lightly, my graph is testiment of how consistent my winnings have been ever since.


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Mo, UK
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