The Logic Behind Betting in Online Poker

Let's hope you’re geared up for this moment, since I'm about to unravel the root of our online poker position.

In actual fact it is a simple thought: how comes weak online poker players hardly ever reflect on the moves they make during a poker game? Standard texas holdem poker players learning how to play poker begin to ask “why” yet seem to only come up with an array of poor solutions.

The picture of a guy playing online poker against three robots.

During any training session, this is often one of the primary areas that need’s tackling if you want to start winning in different online poker sites. Frequently, a texas holdem poker player makes a bet, and I question the reason behind a certain bet.

Typical responses include: "I assumed I had the optimal hand” “I’m attaining ideas to determine exactly where I’m at,” or perhaps "I bet in order to safeguard my hand.”

However, these simply are no factors for betting when you are playing online games like texas holdem poker in rooms, such as Poker Stars. Aspects such as ideas or safeguards could be reactions of betting, but they are not valid reasons. Precisely what are the good reasons for betting in poker?

Well, if you are learning how to play poker, then you should know that there are only three. For you to justify a bet or raise at any given point, it is crucial you keep these reasons in mind.

Here are the first two:

1) Value. This approach is about making an ultimate bet in order to get either called or raised by a weaker hand. Betting simply based on the assumption that you have the optimal hand is in no way adequate to bet for value.

2) Bluff. This is looked as betting to acquire a superior hand to fold. Betting simply because you cannot win using an alternative option just isn't a reason to bet as a bluff.

Both of these tend to be pretty straightforward. They depend on errors our texas holdem poker opponents make whenever they call frequently or fold more than they should. It’s human instinct to call far too often. We’re intrigued naturally so we need to discover just what the other online poker opponent has, exactly what the turn card will probably be, whether or not we strike our flush on the river.

Online Poker Players are a lot more susceptible to commit an error of calling far too often than folding too frequently.

It is therefore fair to say that the first reason for carrying out a bet takes precedent. So, if you are keen to establish an effective approach to making money, value-betting is the way. Keep this texas holdem strategy in mind next time you decide to play in one of our trusted poker rooms, like PartyPoker.
The second reason for carrying out a bet is not satisfactory since in small online poker games players have a tendency to call almost all the time.

At the larger tables, the importance level between the two reasons changes around. Point two becomes more significant and reason two becomes less important, as the online poker players at this level are skilled enough to prevent paying off your value bets. Unlike some online gambling games, such as online blackjack, poker is all about skill.

Here is a fact for you to keep in mind, frequent poker players at the high stakes games are more prone to committing poor calls than bad folds.

There are some situations when you can’t bet for value or bluff yet we still bet, how comes?

The third reason is:

3) Capitalization of Dead Money.

This is all about influencing your texas holdem poker opponent to make a fold regardless if the opponent has a stronger or weaker hand.

This final point is about cornering your opponent into folding his equity share of the pot. The only situation where this poker strategy may turn out to be ineffective is if the online poker player you are facing is in actual fact bluffing, and in reality, you possess a strong hand that can call a bluff.

It is also worth mentioning that the dead money pays off for the moments when a poker opponent calls and we lose.

So, if you are learning how to play poker, remember that as a texas holdem poker game becomes more fierce, you will witness greater bluffing and an increase in the amount of money going in with less strong hands.

You should also keep in mind that betting for this third reason should differ depending on whether you are playing online games at the low stakes or high stakes. In small stakes, it is less likely that online poker players will make bets with bad hands. However, in the high stakes, where poker games are more intense, you will need to take advantage of dead money in order to succeed.

Now let me cover two other areas which you should not mistake as motives for betting in texas holdem.

Here it is possible to gather dead money, but this is not protecting.

So what is the message for you to keep in mind as you learn how to play poker?

Well, it should be that when you have a set of Queens, your hand actually needs protection, yet this should be the primary reason for making a bet as it required value to begin with.

With a pair of sixes, our hand is not strong enough to require protection.

The second is information. Imagine we have a QJ on a QT5r board against a very loose player. In this instance, we bet for value. If our online poker opponent calls, we get information that suggests our hand is best and we can continue with this texas holdem strategy.

If, on the other hand, our online poker opponent raises, this tells us that our hand is behind his range and that we must fold. Nevertheless, the bet still has substance as we bet for value. The issue with betting for information lies when an opponent bets a hand, such as KK on an A22 board. Therefore, whenever we do call, we are behind and thus lose some cash, and in situations where he folds, we are ahead. So it is worth for you to always remember that if you bet for information, what you are actually doing is isolating yourself with better hands and folding weaker ones.

The texas holdem poker strategy you implement when playing online poker should now be much more effective, as every time you carry out a bet, you will always remember that there are only three reasons that justify you making a bet.
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