7 Key Advanced Poker Strategy Tips

Hello, Hello, CASHINPOKER people! I hope you have been enjoying my work thus far, it would certainly explain why you are now reading my next article! If you haven’t read any of my work before and aren’t aware of my previous poker tips, please read my previous work before you continue. This is a blueprint of some advanced poker rules. In order to fully appreciate the points made below, you must already be up to speed on more basic concepts. If you are not of this ilk, before you read my more advanced poker strategy articles, please watch the online CASHINPOKER videos. Without further ado, it is what you are reading for, my article on advanced Poker strategy... Bring on the poker tips!

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Bankroll Management

Tip 1: There is no one who is a successful consistent professional Poker player today that does not exercise with vigour bankroll management rules. You must never play with more than 5% of your total bank roll on a poker table. Most professional players play with one hundred times buy in. You do not have to abide by this, but I say start as you mean to go on and play with one hundred buys inns. I have learnt the hard way if you play under bankrolled, your game WILL be effected without you even knowing it, and by the time you realise you are playing well below your best, it will be too late and there will be little bankroll left. Ignore my advice at your peril and please do email me to tell me how right I was, what can I say? Everyone needs their ego stroking once and a while.

The Check Raise

Tip 2: The Check raise, probably my favourite manoeuvre at the poker table and is a great way to encourage your opponents to push their chips in the middle when you have the best hand. Checking with the intention of raising should never be used as a bluff, okay never is a bit much, but 99.9% of the time you Check raise because you think you are most likely to be in front and wish to add value to your hand. The Check raise should not be used as a bluff as it would be a very expensive bluff and usually therefore a poor investment.

The Continuation Bet

Tip 3: When you are the raiser, it is correct to continuation (c-bet) bet every time you are in position provided the board isn’t too wet (drawy). However, if you are out of position, a C-bet should only be performed 50% of the time. When you bet out of position, this action is called a donk bet. You should donk bet only 50% of boards randomly, ensuring you still do not donk a wet board.


Tip 4: Position should always factor into your thinking on the poker table, it is integral to success. In position, you always have an advantage over your opponent. Whether you are betting for value of thinking of making a bluff, position must be within this thought process, position must be a key factor as when you have a position, you have the benefit of knowing your opponents action and therefore you will be able to proficiently counter your adversary. All advanced poker tactics will require knowledge of your position. Positional awareness is not an option, it is mandatory to the more skilled poker player.

Temporary defeat, a stepping stone to long term success

Tip 5: Folding, a basic skill to the seasoned pro, they will know intuitively when it is time to capitulate. The beginner however, even after many thousands of hands may still occasionally paradoxically surrender to curiosity, don’t. If you feel that it is most likely you are probably going to be losing chips with a call, fold. There will always be another hand. Your gut instinct on these affairs, after so many hands, will usually be right so listen to it!

The Top Pair

Tip 6: I read many so called advanced poker strategy books, not one of them informed me of a key mindset mistake which in the long run can cost a lot of chips. Poker is indeed a complex game of many fanciful hands though in poker when you have the top pair you usually have the best hand. I think it is important you keep that in mind at all times. It would be incorrect for you to stack off every time you have top pair, but when facing a raise, you should be looking for a reason to fold if you hold top pair, as top pair is where many of the chips you earn will come from.

Raising is usually better than Check Calling

Tip 7: I think this may be obvious to some but I see my opponents calling instead of raising out of position every day. If you are indeed going to continue with a hand out of position, a check call will most likely cost you the same as a raise so I would recommend you seize the initiative and raise. This has the added benefit of offering you fold equity.

Thank you everyone for reading, more to come from my advanced poker strategy articles so keep on the look out as at CASHINPOKER it is in our interest to advance your knowledge to enable you to become an advanced poker strategy cash game thinker!
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By Leosprodigy (Rob's poker prodigy)