About Cashinpoker

When Rob Akery established Cashinpoker, he wanted to give the "average guy" the opportunity to do something different. This is what makes Cashinpoker unique.


Anyone who has signed up to Cashinpoker *expects* to receive the best poker training material out there. They are however surprised to find out that Cashinpoker goes beyond this, it is a lifestyle. To understand this better, you have to keep in mind that growing up Rob Akery was unsatisfied.


Realising that there was no point wasting time in complaining, Rob Akery decided to take quick action to turn his situation around. When asked "Why did you start to play online poker in the first place?” Rob Akery famously said, "It was so that I can live a life which serves me and not a life which I feel I have to serve".


It was this desire which quickly moved him up the poker ranks and turned him into a millionaire at the age of only 21.


So as you experience Cashinpoker, you will realise two important points which make it truly amazing and like no other poker site out there.


The first, is that you will get access to life changing poker training material for free. All we try to determine is that you are "serious" about poker and not just a spectator. Through Cashinpoker, Rob Akery aims to recruit committed prodigies into his elite poker circle, where they stake each other in very big lucrative poker games.


The second, is that it teaches you to use poker as a tool for living a life where you are not restricted by office hours, a boss telling you what to do, and so on. Instead, it focuses on giving you the winning mentality so that you can take full charge of your destiny.